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Functions of the ergoRacer®


This is the main display of the ergoRacer
From here you get to the functions, settings and analysis options.
Intuitive buttons help you find the favoured option easily.
In the following some functions will be presented briefly. The analysis of data will be presented on an other page.


You can change different settings and run functions with some files.

  • Set time: time of PC - time of device
  • Update Firmware
  • Set language and units
  • Define colors
  • Delete athlete
  • Change calendar settings
  • Change the description of charts
  • Mail settings

  • Converts txt-files into deo-files
  • Deo-files will be copied to the athlet's diary
  • Deo-file will be copied to the compare folder
  • Two trips can be joined together
  • Converts deo-files into csv-files
  • Converts deo-files into csv-files (WKO)
  • Converts csv-files into deo-files
  • Set the transfer speed


You can see an overview of the sessions as a calendar. The sessions are summarized and displayed per day. The summary contains all sessions of the week. You have three different views (Show1, Show2 or Show3) to choose from. You can set the views in the tool. For descriptions of the analysis, click here.


You can see all your sessions. You can sort the list individually. You can analyse every session. You can also compare sessions and you can analyse numerical and statistic graphs. For descriptions of the analysis, click here.

manual subscribe

Manual data entry
Insert a training session manually.

change rider

Change athlete
You can create a new athlete, select an existing athlete or select Collection.
You can also input threshold power, threshold HR and weight of an antlete.
If you click on the button beside you can define training zones (Power Bike, HR Bike, HR Run).


In some devices settings can be changed and saved on a PC. If an athlete is chosen the existing values stored in their profile will be instantly displayed.



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